Short Term Forex Trading

Forex traders make use of large numbers of trading strategies and time frames to make huge profits in Forex trading. Short-term Forex trading strategy is the best way if you desire to make fast profits without any unnecessary stress. Picking up the best Forex trading strategy can simply define your Forex career and make your pocket filled with money. In this article, we have focused on trading strategies for the investors that tend to have a short time period. The short term trading includes two main methods- one is day trading and other is scalping. You can choose any of these methods to implement short-term strategy while trading Forex.

Day trading

The term day trading means a process of buying and selling of the currencies in a specified one day time period that means trading deals are mainly opened and closed on the same day. It’s all up to you what numbers of trades you want to make in a single day. It is also possible that a day trading can be extended from one day. When such situation occurs, the deal is automatically renewed at 22:00 GMT every night till the deal ends. But, for renewal of deal you will have to pay a fee for rolling the deal for more 24 hours. This fee will be taken from your free balance of your trading account. In order to do day trading, you will have to follow four basic steps:

• First, decide to make a Forex deal.
• Secondly, decide what sort of deal you want to make and create your own trading account.
• Now, monitor the deal in your account.
• Ends the deal.


One of the most effective short-term Forex trading strategies is called Scalping. The process of scalping strategy involves taking benefit of the differentials in the bid offer spread in the market. This type of technique is mostly followed by the professional traders who make markets to their bank’s clients. By implementing this trading strategy, investors will enjoy many advantages of it while trading. The scalpers mostly take benefit of smaller differentials that permits them to get profits from even the least moves in quiet markets. With scalping trading strategy you can make huge profits from short term moves. An expert scalper will be highly proficient in order to be able to take on larger positions.

    Trading Warning : Trading accounts offered by the brokers play a vital role in your winning and losing in the Forex trading. So, if you are a newbie in this trading, then you must go for mini or micro accounts and then move to standard accounts. As mini and micro accounts require minimum deposit requirement as compared to the standard trading accounts.

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